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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics


The Department of Mathematics was initiated on 6-7-1964. B. Sc, Degree course in Mathematics was started in 1967. In the beginning the department was headed by Prof. C. M. John. He was followed by Prof. K. G. Sivasankaran Nair. In subsequent years Rev. Sr. Mary Vera, Prof. R. Krishnakumari Ammal, Prof. S. S. Vijyalakshmi and Dr. V. Mary Mattilda Rose headed the Department. Now Prof. Shirly Joseph is the Head of the Department.


The Department has degree course with Statistics and Physics as subsidiaries. Also it offers Mathematics as subsidiary for B. Sc. Physics and Chemistry main students.


Our mission is to encourage our students to venture deep into the vast world of Mathematics and use it in their daily lives.

Head of the Department