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The College is committed to moulding a generation who would utilize their skills for the betterment of society. With this aim in view, extension services are made available to nearby schools, villages and communities. It is mandatory for a student to participate in any one of the following extension activities prescribed by the University of Kerala for not less than 40 hours in the third and fourth semesters.

1 Health Education

2. Debate Club

3. Human Rights Forum

4. Community Health Activity

5. Kerala State Literacy Mission

6. Media Club

7. Community Based Activities of CACEE

8. NSS 9. NCC

10. Sports Club

11. Science Club

12. Nature Club / Eco Club

13. Planning Forum

14. Literary Clubomen’s Study Unit

15. Anti-Ragging Cell State Library Council Affiliated to Rural Public Libraries

Excursions and Study Tours

Excursions and Study Tours

The college organizes a study tour or excursion for the Final Year students of the PG and UG courses. These excursions are organized by the Heads of the various departments with the knowledge and consent of the Principal. The students are not allowed to organize any trip on their own. They should furnish a permission letter in the prescribed form from their parents or guardians. The students will be accompanied by a minimum of two teachers.

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